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She's got Them Killa Legs

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Sitting on my back porch
Thinking bout those black shorts
Hoping she would come my way
Gorgeous there's no doubt, thinking I'd be left out,
not knowing what to say
I would drive by just to see if she would smile
a hundred times a day
Walking down the street she was looking so sweet
I just wanted to stop and say
mmhh yeah 'Girl You Got Them killer Legs"
I was thinking okay, maybe there is no way
I could get a girl like that
But as I’m cruising past, I was checking out her ass
and noticed she was looking back
My heart was working overtime
She was a pure dime
She's got no change to spare
She was such a sweet thing
I wanted her for me thing
Hoping I could get her there
mmmh yeah "Girl You Them Killer Legs"
Chorus x2
I've seen you before and I know we'll meet again
She's got a perfect score with numbers 1 thru 10
I can't help myself she's candy in my eye
Such a beauty queen with a knock me out smile
There's just one thing I really can't deny
She's got those killer legs with a knock me out smile

Walking in the quick store
Stopped by the car door
She was looking up at me
She was with her boyfriend
Said that they were just friends
He was boring as could be
I was trying to play cool
Not gonna play the fool
Noticed a pen in her hand
Wrote down her number
As I proudly took it from her
Didn't think I had a chance
mmhh yeah "Girl You Got Them Killer Legs"